About CFRE

The Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) credential was first awarded in 1981.  In June 2013, the CFRE became the first globally-recognised credential for fundraising professionals.

Since 2001, CFRE International has existed as an independent nonprofit organisation.  We are dedicated to setting standards in philanthropy through a valid and reliable certification process for philanthropic fundraising professionals.

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For Donors

Certified Fund Raising Executives pledge to uphold the Donor Bill of Rights and the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising.  CFREs seek a “win-win” through a careful match of their organisation’s mission with your vision for what you would like to achieve in the world through your philanthropy.  When you work with a CFRE, you can be confident that your philanthropic vision will be honored and fulfilled.

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For Employers

Certified Fund Raising Executives can do more than secure a gift.  Because they understand the breadth of philanthropic fundraising, they are strategic leaders and managers who can help your organisation’s fundraising prosper.  With a knowledge of the importance of relationship building as well as ethics and accountability, a CFRE will work to grow your organisation’s long-term sustainability through exceptional donor service.

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